After capturing the sliver mage, the mysterious Aristocrat Elise offered it to Gerinham in exchange for the capture of the one known as Abendago. With some clever negotiations, Belladonna was able to secure Jericho’s life in exchange for his participation in the Arena. Azuregos showed an odd curiosity towards Elise, but did not make mention of why. Abendago was offered a chance to save Jericho from entering the arena completely by taking his place, but he turned it down. Shortly after Belladonna, Laura, Kevasti, Kordan, Abendago, and Azuregoes’s leave, Elise, now growing impatient of Gerinham’s inability to acquire Abendago, offered him Sexual favors to change Jericho’s status from prisoner destined for the arena, to criminal to be executed by week’s end. Elise assumed staging the execution would provide a suitable diversion, which she could use to capture Abendago.

Upon hearing of Jericho’s imminent execution, Belladonna once again stymied Elise by offering herself to Gerinham along with the potential of marriage.

Jericho left the group, promising revenge for Belladonna who opted to stay with Gerinham.

Angry and frustrated, Elise dropped the option of negotiation in favor of brute force. She followed the group back to the Starscraper waiting for the perfect moment to ambush them. With a small bar brawl breaking out, Elise burst from the shadows, kicking Sigfried in the chest, and ambushing Abendago, Laura, and Azuregoes, with help from an unknown masked ally.

In yet another turn of events, Azuregoes turned on his allies, helping to knock Abendago unconscious, and allowing the others to escape with him. Azuregos



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